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Domain Name. It's your online address.

A new domain name is like a sign post for your website and personalised email addresses. And the sooner you register, the better. After all, you don't want to miss the opportunity to make a mark on online customers - and you certainly don't want to risk a competitor snapping it up first.

Being greedy when you’re considering domain names will get you far.

Want more customers over the years? Use this simple strategy-- register multiple domain names. This will improve your SEO rankings as well as help your customers remember your name, what you provide and your brand.

Consider this example of the Peter the Plummer.

  1. 1. Peter bought so he could have a web presence for his business.
  2. 2. He used the same name to create an email for his business:
  3. 3. He saw very little new traffic to his site although his current customers used it.
  4. 4. Looking for more traffic, Peter registered more domain names. He found ones like and
  5. 5. Once he had these domains redirected to his original site there was a jump in his SEO ranking. It allowed him the ability to reach people within the industry and specialize.
  6. 6. Peter was able to reach more potential clients because he suddenly had more ways to his site. If the internet is a highway there were now multiple roads leading past his little plumbing shop instead of the dead end street before.

In slang, how does everyone refer to your business? What do you think people are likely to search to find you? The longer and more complicated your name is the less likely it will appear in a search.

When starting the domain name search - start with these questions:

  • • Are your services unique?
  • • Do you have a trading name that uniquely identifies you?
  • • Is the company or your products better known?
  • • How your services and products are described in the general industry?
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